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PATH Foundation announces over $755k in Program and Planning Grants

Warrenton, Va. – The PATH Foundation has announced the recipients of their latest round of Program and Planning grants. This year, 17 local organizations received a total of $757,586.09.

Program and Planning grants fund new or existing projects that are in line with the PATH Foundation’s four priority areas: access to health, childhood wellness, senior services and mental health. more

Website $20,000 July 1, 2018 CADRE received $20,000 to continue and expand the Lock Your Meds program, which educates families on the importance of locking medications in a secure location at home. The program was originally created by the National Family Partnership, to educate families about the dire need to keep over-the-counter and prescription medications locked in a secure location in homes in an effort to reduce misuse by youth in our community. more

Application window for Program and Planning Grants Opens

Warrenton, Va. — The PATH Foundation has announced the opening of their annual Program and Planning Grants application window, with a total of $750,000 in funding available.

Program and Planning Grants, given annually, provide up to $100,000 for organizations to spend on new or existing projects related to one or more of the Foundation’s four priority areas: access to care, childhood wellness, mental health and senior services.  more