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Technical Assistance Grants

Technical Assistance grants may be used to offset the cost of a consultant, tool or skill that a nonprofit wants to strengthen or add, allowing it to operate more effectively. These grants strengthen organizations serving Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Culpeper Counties.

Grant Criteria

Grant recipients must be a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a religious institution for non-religious purposes, or local government entity. Proposals must benefit organizations within the PATH Foundation’s service area of Fauquier County, Rappahannock County and Culpeper County. Grants will be awarded up to $25,000. Applicants are required to match 20 percent of the amount of funding requested.

Areas of Focus

Advancement of Technology: Supports software and technology upgrades that foster enhanced cybersecurity, corporate reputation, rebranding, donor management, or effective community outreach. Funds may not be used for subscriptions, promotional campaigns, or advertising.

Leadership Expertise: Allows community teams (e.g., boards, working groups, staff) to either attend a leadership training activity or to bring a leadership trainer to the group. Funds may be used for travel, attendance, or registration fees.

Planning Efforts for Effective Organizations: Engages a consultant to assist an organization with board development, staff development, organizational assessment, vision setting/strategic planning, developing goals/outcomes, budget management, marketing/communications planning, fundraising, grantwriting, or volunteer corps development. Funding is intended to build the capacity of an organization to be more effective; it may not be used to hire a consultant or freelancer to do the organization’s work.

Collaborative Strategies: Supports collaborative learning and knowledge exchange. Funding is often used for a facilitator or consultant to bring together two or more organizations that will benefit from collaborating with one another.

Timeline & Process

If the proposal is for the engagement of a consultant of facilitator, applicants are encouraged to discuss proposals with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence at the PATH Resource Center prior to starting the application process. While organizations may elect to contract with personnel from the PATH Resource Center, it is not a requirement. Organizations may select their own counsel.

Applications must detail the work to be completed with anticipated results; specifically, addressing how technical assistance will most likely produce lasting and significant outcomes. Outcomes should focus on organizational changes; not solely grant outputs. Technical Assistance grants are not a substitute for general operating overhead.

There is no set grant cycle or application deadline for Technical Assistance Grants. Applications are processed year-round on a first come, first-served basis until funding for the fiscal year is exhausted. Grants must be completed within six months of the award. Applicants can expect to hear from the PATH Foundation within 30 days on the outcome of their proposal.