Striving to enhance the health and vitality of our community one step at a time.

Aging Together

Website$25,000February 7, 2017Funding to support valuable ongoing programming and operations within Aging Together. Strategic Initiatives Senior Services

Bluemont Concert Series

Website$4,000July 1, 2017Provided musical entertainment to residents of local retirement homes and healthcare facilities by performers featured in Culpeper and Warrenton summer concerts. Program & Planning Senior Services

Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier, Inc.

Website$90,000March 25, 2017Capacity funding for Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier to strengthen institutional capacity and board development. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Buchanan Hall

Website$25,000February 6, 2017The American Roots Revue Concert Series showcased a series of five concerts during the summer of 2017 at Buchanan Hall, representing the diverse roots of American music prevalent in this area for generations through the celebration of shared musical traditions. Make it Happen Community Vitality

Clifton Institute

Website$8,403April 17, 2017The Food for Thought one-week summer day camp was created to build confidence, promote nature awareness and empower life-long learning through nutrition-focused experiential learning opportunities for twenty underserved youth. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Culpeper County

Website$50,000July 1, 2017Funds for a fully accessible playground at the Culpeper County Sports Complex. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Economic Development Authority of Fauquier County

Website$50,000July 14, 2017The Economic Development Authority and the recently established Fauquier County Broadband Authority are working to expand access to affordable broadband in unserved and underserved areas of Fauquier County. This grant will allow for a beta test effort that utilizes existing switching stations that can be augmented to provide high speed DSL connections to at least 300 households in Fauquier County. Strategic Initiatives Access to Health
Fauquier CADRE Logo

Fauquier CADRE

Website$13,000January 24, 2017CADRE launched the Lock Your Meds Campaign, created by the National Family Partnership, to educate families about the dire need to keep over-the-counter and prescription medications locked in a secure location in homes in an effort to reduce misuse by youth in our community. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Mental Health

Fauquier Community Child Care, Inc.

Website$50,000January 1, 2017General operating funds to improve efficiency in program administration, expansion of services, administrative office space and organizational promotion. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Community Child Care, Inc.

Website$33,000July 1, 2017FCCC will employ area high school students to provide mentorship and tutoring to children enrolled in the after-school program in an effort to balance academic demands and student wellness. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Community Child Care, Inc.

Website$50,000May 3, 2017Funding to strengthen existing youth services and broaden organizational capacity. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Community Food Bank and Thrift Store

Website$67,000January 1, 2017The Fauquier Community Food Bank and Thrift Store was awarded funding for necessary capital improvements, including the installation of new windows and a suspended drop ceiling for the Food Bank building. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Agricultural Development

Website$17,750September 22, 2017In partnership with 4P Foods, the Mid-Atlantic Food Port will create the physical and digital infrastructure that allows small and mid-sized producers in the Mid-Atlantic region to engage in the supply chains previously reserved for industrial agriculture and the corresponding food industry. Make it Happen Access to Health

Fauquier County Public Schools

Website$100,000July 1, 2017Funds to establish the Fauquier Environmental Studies Academy that will begin in Fall 2017. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Public Schools

Website$40,300June 21, 2017Partnership with FCPS, Fauquier County Parks and Recreation, and an anonymous donor to support renovation of a portion of Marshall Community Center for use as an afterschool teen center. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Public Schools – FRESH

$781,429October 1, 2017Second allocation of a multi-year program to continue elevating nutrition, exercise and after school enrichment across the school district. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office

Website$8,169 August 28, 2018 The Hidden in Plain Sight education program presents an audience with a model bedroom with items surreptitiously hidden in plain view that indicate possible high-risk behaviors in children and youth. The program is being offered in partnership with 14 community agencies and nonprofits. Make it Happen Mental Health

Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office

Website$4,050September 5, 2017Purchased materials to train all sworn and civilian personnel of the Sheriff’s Office and their public safety partners as part of the International Association of Chiefs of Police One Mind Campaign, which ensures successful interactions between law enforcement and persons affected by mental illness. Make it Happen Mental Health

Fauquier Education Farm

Website$11,600 January 1, 2017The Fauquier Education Farm hired a part-time Administrative Assistant and promoted the Executive Director to a full time position. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Education Farm

Website$7,600July 1, 2017Funds to purchase materials needed for the Fauquier Education Farm 2018 Demonstration Projects as part of their summer Workshop Series. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Equestrian Forum

Website$19,850March 8, 2017Fauquier Equestrian Forum is working to create a centrally located public use equine facility and trails. Funds in this grant will be used to assist with engineering and construction of a trailhead parking area and to secure appropriate signage. Make it Happen Access to Health

Fauquier FISH

Website$15,000 January 1, 2017Fauquier FISH was awarded support to maintain recent programmatic changes while building their capacity as a non-profit in two specific ways: leasing a more spacious location and a strategic fundraising effort. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Fauquier FISH

Website$30,067July 1, 2017The Weekend Power Pack program provides backpacks of meals to children who are at risk of hunger during weekends, school holidays and snow days. This project is in partnership with Fauquier County Public Schools. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Free Clinic, Inc.

Website$99,350January 1, 2017General support for the area's free clinic. The Fauquier Free Clinic offers quality medical, dental, and mental health care to residents of Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties who lack appropriate alternatives for these services. General Operations Access to Health

Fauquier Free Clinic, Inc.

Website$69,200July 1, 2017Expanded oral health resources within the Fauquier Free Clinic dental clinic. Program & Planning Access to Health

Fauquier Free Clinic, Inc.

Website$133,000September 12, 2017Continuance of access to behavioral healthcare through integrated mental health services, including telepsychiatry and remote mental health programming. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

Website$62,500January 1, 2017Operating funds for additional programs supporting home building services that increase the number of new families served each year, as well as growing the ReStore operation that provides a recurring source of operating funds. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

Website$3,050September 20, 2017As part of its Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, Habitat partnered with Piedmont Environmental Council to engage the Haiti Street community in a neighborhood clean up day as part of an ongoing effort to foster relationships with residents and stakeholders as they develop a cohesive, inclusive vision to improve overall quality of life. Make it Happen Access to Health

Foothills Forum

Website$7,500July 1, 2017Research and reporting project that will explore critical health and transportation issues facing the local aging population. Program & Planning Senior Services

Friends of the Rappahannock

Website$10,000January 1, 2017Promotion of activities in headwater counties through the expansion of educational and restoration programs. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Generation Fresh Foundation

$25,000May 3, 2017Children in Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties received “Fresh Bucks” vouchers to spend at the Warrenton Farmers Market, encouraging them to visit the Market with their families and make their own buying decisions. The program reimburses participating market vendors for Fresh Bucks purchases. Make it Happen Access to Health
Childhood Wellness

Girls on the Run Piedmont

Website$7,000January 1, 2017Operational support for expansion into Rappahannock County, and the continued expansion and development of the program in Fauquier and Culpeper Counties. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Headwaters Foundation

Website$10,000July 1, 2017Funded after-school enrichment program at Rappahannock Elementary School, allowing students to have supervised after-school care. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Healthy Culpeper

Website$8,000January 1, 2017Funding awarded to support Healthy Culpeper’s assistance of non-profit partners, including improved email and marketing techniques, coalition outreach through a regional coalition conference, and increased hours of operation. General Operations Senior Services

Hearts Delight Baptist Church

Website$25,000September 21, 2017Funding to construct a new playground that fosters a culture of diversity and collaborative play in a recreational setting. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Community Vitality

Hospice Support of Fauquier County

Website$15,000January 1, 2017Hospice Support increased their ability to provide respite support for the advanced or terminally ill, bereavement counseling, and use of the free DME loan closet. General Operations Senior Services

Leadership Fauquier

Website$20,000July 12, 2017General capacity support for third year of county leadership program. Strategic Initiatives Capacity Building

Local Energy Alliance Program

Website$1,750March 6, 2017Funds were used to build an "Energy Bike" for use at public events, schools and other venues to show how much more energy is required to light conventional light bulbs compared to LED light bulbs. Make it Happen Community Vitality

M. M. Pierce Elementary School

Website$9,100July 1, 2017Funds to continue servicing the Remington community with the L.A.M.P. Mobile, a project that brings library, art, music, and P.E. to M. M. Pierce students over the summer months, promoting active learning year-round. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Marshall Middle School

Website$2,000January 27, 2017Colleges and businesses are looking for students coming out of school ready to work together cooperatively in groups. To address this need, Marshall Middle School faculty and staff created a "Collaborative Table" area for students to be able to practice this skill. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Mental Health Association of Fauquier County

Website$18,280January 1, 2017The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County built on existing partnerships and fostered new collaborations to lead the community in setting and implementing a shared agenda for improving access to mental health and substance abuse supports and treatment. General Operations Mental Health

Mental Health Association of Fauquier County

Website$64,000July 1, 2017Funds to implement a collaborative community response to concerns regarding mental health and substance abuse issues among local youth. This will include strategies to reduce stigma, promote prevention programs and increase treatment opportunities. Program & Planning Mental Health

Northen Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$100,000May 9, 2017Funds used as a donor incentive "bonus pool" for the online donor challenge Give Local Piedmont Campaign in May 2017. Strategic Initiatives Community Engagement

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$35,000January 1, 2017Operating funds to support prospecting, increasing public awareness through their website and annual event, engagement of professional advisors, increasing committee involvement, and broadening outreach activities. General Operations Access to Health
Childhood Wellness
Mental Health
Senior Services

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$100,000June 23, 2017Funding to establish a scholarship fund honoring former Fauquier Health CEO Rodger Baker in recognition of his decades of service to the health and vitality of our community. Strategic Initiatives Access to Health

Rapp at Home

Website$40,000July 1, 2017Funding to create a rural senior village program helping Rappahannock County residents to stay connected and live independently while remaining at home. Program & Planning Senior Services

Rappahannock County High School

Website$22,500July 1, 2017Funding to continue the PRIDE (Positive Relationships Inspire a Drive for Excellence) program that encourages positive social behaviors for students within a structured school environment. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County Public Schools

Website$162,500October 1, 2017Continued funding for Commit to be Fit, including promotion of healthier cafeteria options, enhancement of the Farm to Table program, and a community challenge for those who are motivated to enact positive change in their own lives. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services

Website$20,000July 1, 2017Developed a parent education and support program for families coping with behavioral and mental health issues. Program & Planning Mental Health

Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services

Website$30,000July 14, 2017Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services, Fauquier County Government and the PATH Foundation are working in concert to identify new space options for a behavioral health facility in Warrenton. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission

Website$13,500September 13, 2017The FAMS Call Center will implement programming that includes taxi cab vouchers, gas cards and marketing materials to low income residents in the Rappahannock-Rapidan region. Strategic Initiatives Access to Health

The Arc of North Central Virginia

Website$1,000January 1, 2017In order to improve access to care, the Arc of NCV has worked to improve public understanding of the historic changes to Virginia's Medicaid Waiver design. General Operations Access to Health

The Child Care & Learning Center

Website$85,053January 1, 2017Funding to support expansion of efforts that connect children to the natural world, retention of Virginia Qualty Rating and Improvement System rating as a provider of quality childcare, and creation of more community partnerships. General Operations Childhood Wellness

Town of Warrenton

Website$45,000September 14, 2017Improvements to the intersection of Main and 5th Streets with the installation of curb extensions that reduce pedestrian crossing distances, increase visibility and improve accessibility. Strategic Initiatives Access to Health


Website$20,000July 1, 2017Assisted with the coordination of extensive outreach programs and transportation services. Program & Planning Access to Health

Warrenton Lions Club Charities, Inc.

Website$8,616July 1, 2017Funds to secure more precise, modern equipment to screen students for sight and hearing deficiencies. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Warrenton Middle School

Website$3,400March 2, 2017The Warrenton Middle School Musical Theater program was able to purchase a projector and scrim fabric for their stage for use during musicals, talent shows and other school programming, allowing the troupe to project different backdrops created in collaboration with the Fauquier High School graphics arts and media students. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Community Vitality

Warrenton Police Department

Website$22,546May 1, 2017WPD purchased chairs and tables to accommodate the increased community demand for use of their public meeting room. Make it Happen Community Vitality

Warrenton Salvation Army

Website$8,500August 17, 2017Scholarships for underserved youth to attend the week-long Camp Happyland, where they built leadership and social skills. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Windmore Foundation for the Arts, Inc.

Website$10,000July 1, 2017Support of The Young at HeART Arts and Wellness series, a program that fosters senior wellness and encourages aging with grace, courage and humor. Program & Planning Senior Services

Windy Hill Foundation

Website$16,500January 1, 2017Operating funds to help Windy Hill Foundation add staff to grow and enhance best practices as they expand in Fauquier County. General Operations Access to Health