Striving to enhance the health and vitality of our community one step at a time.

Aging Together

Website$25,000August 12, 2016Capacity funding to support ongoing programming and operations for the Area Agency on Aging, an organization providing community services for local seniors. Strategic Initiatives Senior Services

Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier, Inc.

Website$40,000July 1, 2016Program that multiplied services offered by engaging with other entities, has greater positive impact on kids, and creates a more sustainable operational plan. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Community Touch, Inc.

Website$10,000July 1, 2016Community Touch developed a marketing plan in an effort to enhance visability, reach their target client base, and increase donor support for the future. Program & Planning Access to Health

Culpeper County Library

Website$5,760August 19, 2016MIH funds were used to purchase twelve mobile Verizon WiFi “hot spots” to be lent through the Culpeper County Library. Half of the units were made available to the general public, and half were reserved for patients with a medical referral from Novant/UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center. Make it Happen Access to Health

Culpeper County Parks and Recreation

Website$15,614April 8, 2016The Culpeper Parks and Recreation Department partnered with the Mountain Run Disc Golf Club (MRDGC) to provide residents of Northern Culpeper, Fauquier, and Rappahannock Counties an opportunity to play a readily available, non-contact, low-impact, and healthy lifetime sport for all. The course was constructed with assistance from MRDGC members and maintained by both parties. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Community Vitality
Senior Services

Department Of Social Services

$10,000August 12, 2016Make it Happen grant to support the Intergenerational Parenting Workshop which was designed to strengthen parenting skills of parents, grandparents and family caregivers. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Community Child Care, Inc.

Website$34,500July 1, 2016Funding to implement the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards adopted by the National Afterschool Association. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Community Development

Website$50,000July 1, 2016Community Conversations is a strategic planning process that involves the community in understanding and responding to external forces and internal changes affecting the County, addressing specific needs with action. Program & Planning Senior Services

Fauquier County Public Library

Website$25,000July 1, 2016The Fauquier County Public Library conducted a community assessment to help plan future library resources and services. Program & Planning Access to Health

Fauquier County Public Schools – VPI

Website$15,000July 1, 2016Rising Kindergarteners who are identified as being potentially at-risk were invited to participate in a four week summer program that focuses on social and academic skills. This grant allowed for the planning of this summer program. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office

Website$6,850February 3, 2016Funds used to ensure a ready supply of Naloxone anti-overdose medication for use by law enforcement in light of the region's cresting heroin epidemic. Make it Happen Access to Health

Fauquier Education Farm

Website$10,850February 25, 2016Funding used to drill a well and install a water system that can be used by staff for irrigation year round. Make it Happen Access to Health
Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation

Website$96,500July 1, 2016This grant provided funding to improve the main building and outdoor grounds of the existing Outdoor Lab to create an on-site Environmental Studies Academy, providing a place for FCPS students and teachers to experience and interact with nature and the environment. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Fauquier Free Clinic, Inc.

Website$370,000June 20, 2016Increased access to behavioral healthcare through the implementation of integrated mental health services in primary care settings, including use of telepsychiatry and remote mental health services to fill gaps in local resources. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health

Fauquier Free Clinic, Inc.

Website$52,700July 1, 2016To address shortage of oral health resources in our region, this grant paid to cover the services of an additional staff dentist. Program & Planning Access to Health

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

Website$6,150July 1, 2016Fauquier Habitat was awarded funds to provide financial and nutritional education for families in their program, as well as low-income families within the community. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Highland School

Website$2,150 October 13, 2016Middle school faculty at Highland expanded their wellness curriculum to include a nationally-recognized curriculum titled "Positive Action." This curriculum is used by hundreds of schools across the country in health and wellness classes to help students become successful both socially and academically. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Institute for Public Health Innovation

Website$20,000June 8, 2016Funding that enabled Institute for Public Health Innovation to continue leading a statewide collaborative effort to create consensus guidelines for the training and credentialing of Community Health Workers; to identify sustainable financing to support this critical aspect of the health workforce; and to develop a public awareness campaign to increase support for the utilization of Community Health Workers across Virginia. Strategic Initiatives Regional Population Health

James G. Brumfield Elementary School

Website$10,000July 12, 2016The Peaceful Playgrounds Program provided a better-organized playground that involves children in activities that reduce injury and conflicts while motivating kids to be physically active. This playground assists in the development of motor skills, social skills, and cognitive skills through various games and activities. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District

Website$2,675 August 26, 2016Funds allocated for the creation of an Augmented Reality Sandbox that has been used to teach students and the public about watersheds, including our impact on the natural resources in our community. Make it Happen Community Vitality

Leadership Fauquier

Website$20,000July 29, 2016General capacity support for second year of county leadership program. Strategic Initiatives Capacity Building

Liberty High School

Website$3,000 August 5, 2016SafeZone training was used to educate students at Liberty High School and Fauquier County education professionals to create environments that are culturally competent and supportive to LGBTQ individuals, as well as straight, cisgender people who care about diversity, equality and inclusion. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Mental Health

Lord Fairfax Community College

Website$1,000,000August 31, 2016Support for the construction of a new 40,000 square foot STEM-H building (science technology, engineering, math and health) that will include science and health professions labs, flexible purpose technology classrooms, expanded distance learning opportunities, and a large multipurpose space. Strategic Initiatives Capacity Building

Lord Fairfax Community College

Website$75,000July 1, 2016LFCC expanded its Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) degree and Paramedic Career Studies Certificate program to the Fauquier Campus. Program & Planning Access to Health

M. M. Pierce Elementary School

Website$11,980March 15, 2016The LAMP Mobile brought Library, Art, Music, and PE to MM Pierce Students over the summer months, promoting active learning year round. The vehicle was furnished with books that could be distributed to students, art projects that students could do on site, and music and PE activities that students could participate in under the direction of certified teachers. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Marshall Middle School

Website$20,760.86June 21, 2016Through this grant, normal classroom furniture was replaced with different types of active learning chairs and desks. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Mental Health Association of Fauquier County

Website$33,000December 21, 2015Planning grant for an initiative to improve access to area mental health services, particularly for those who do not meet criteria for services provided by the pubic mental health system. The collaborative team developed a plan for integrating telepsychiatry and counseling services into local medical practices, including the Free Clinic. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health

Mountain Vista Governor’s School Foundation

Website$60,000July 1, 2016Mountain Vista Governor's School added a 10th grade to their existing 11th and 12th grade program to increase the number anad enhance the opportunities for students attending their school. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

National Capital Lyme Disease Association

Website$25,000April 8, 2016The NatCapLyme Association collected ticks in the Fauquier region to measure local incidence of tick borne infection rates, clarifying the threat of Lyme disease in our area in an effort to promote safety in the outdoors. Make it Happen Access to Health

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$100,000May 3, 2016Funds used as a donor incentive "bonus pool" for the online donor challenge Give Local Piedmont Campaign in May 2016. Strategic Initiatives Community Engagement

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$250,000November 3, 2016Funds allocated for responsive grants to support organizations engaged in providing assistance for urgent need and benevolent relief requests that fall outside the PATH Foundation's core mission. Strategic Initiatives Regional Population Health

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Website$30,325May 1, 2016The high school giving program offered each high school senior $25 to donate to a nonprofit registered with Give Local Piedmont, a fundraising campaign supported by the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation. Strategic Initiatives Community Engagement

Our Saviour Lutheran Church

Website$25,000 October 26, 2016Our Saviour Lutheran Church was awarded funding for a recreational park that could be utilized by several partner organizations and the neighboring community. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Community Vitality

Partnership for Warrenton

$8,460 May 12, 2016This grant allocated funds for hanging flower baskets on street lamps Main Street in Warrenton. Make it Happen Community Vitality

Piedmont Environmental Council

Website$64,336July 1, 2016PEC organized a collaborative planning effort in Remington to build on its community assets and offer transportation and recreational options, such as trails, sidewalks, bike routes, and parks projects that reconnect the community and encourage active lifestyles. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Rapp at Home

Website$50,000May 1, 2016Support for the actions and goals laid out in report for the expansion of Rapp@Home pilot program. Strategic Initiatives Senior Services
Rapp Center for Education Logo

Rapp Center for Education

Website$7,950August 29, 2016Funding supported instructional fees for a one-week training session for current and retired nurses that will serve as certified Certified Nurses Aide teachers, Personal Care Aides, and Medication Technician classes at Rapp Center for Education, formerly known as RappU. Make it Happen Access to Health

Rappahannock County 4-H

$3,000February 25, 2016Junior-Senior Fest! provided high school juniors and seniors from Culpeper and Rappahannock Counties with an opportunity to learn basic life skills that could help them transition more easily into the "real world" through workshops that taught them skills about interviewing, healthy eating, financial planning, and making smart career and education choices. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County High School

Website$16,000October 24, 2016The 8th Grade Academy is designed to help 8th grade students transition more easily into their new high school surroundings. Rappahannock County High School Juniors and Seniors are selected as Peer Mentors to the 8th graders, supporting and guiding them socially, emotionally, and academically, thus decreasing the behavioral and academic issues that can arise with 8th graders during this transitional year. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County Public Schools

Website$100,000July 1, 2016Commit to be Fit seeks to improve the overall climate regarding health and wellness of the school community through a comprehensive health program. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County Public Schools

Website$10,550June 22, 2016Provided all RCPS staff with health and wellness oriented supplies for the 2016-2017 academic year to launch the school district's Commit to be Fit initiative. Strategic Initiatives Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County Public Schools

Website $297,000 August 12, 2019 This grant provides renewed funding for the Rappahannock County Public Schools' Commit to be Fit program for the 2019-2020 school year. The program seeks to improve the overall climate regarding health and wellness of the school community through a comprehensive health program. Program & Planning Childhood Wellness

Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office

$1,500November 17, 2016Funds used to ensure a ready supply of Naloxone anti-overdose medication for use by law enforcement in light of the region's cresting heroin epidemic. Make it Happen Access to Health

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission

Website$3,138May 20, 2016Expand the Foothills Area Mobility System One-Call/One-Click Transportation Center into a Holistic Mobility Call Center that will include information and person-centered solutions addressing healthcare transportation needs in Planning District 9. Strategic Initiatives Access to Health

Remington Post 247 – American Legion

Website$10,000August 5, 2016MIH funds provided landscaping of Remington Post 247 of the American Legion to improve appearance of facility, provide an area for holding Veteran Honor Ceremonies, provide for a Memorial Garden for local Veteran recognition, and provide a quality presentation of our core beliefs. Make it Happen Community Vitality

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Preschool

Website$6,990October 26, 2016St. Stephen's Episcopal Preschool was awarded funds for a WeatherBug outdoor weather station as part of their outdoor classroom. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Town of Warrenton

Website$8,050June 21, 2016Funding allocated for the purchase of two solar-powered Soofa Benches, which have the ability to charge electronic devices. The benches were placed outside the Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility. Make it Happen Community Vitality


Website$15,000July 1, 2016VolTran, a volunteer transportation service for seniors, people with disabilities and chronic illnesses expanded their program through the implementation of a strategic plan to develop policies and procedures to increase the capacity and sustainability of the organization. Program & Planning Access to Health

W. C. Taylor Middle School

Website$23,600May 2, 2016This grant offered standing desks to better serve students' physical and educational needs. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Warrenton Police Department

Website$5,000December 15, 2016Funds for the REVIVE program, which equipped officers with Naloxone to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses when administered by an officer in light of the region's rising heroin epidemic. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health

Windy Hill Foundation

Website$60,000July 1, 2016Windy Hill Foundation was awarded funding to support the construction and outfitting of five fully-accessible units at the Washburn Place affordable housing project in Marshall. Program & Planning Access to Health

Young Life

Website$9,000October 13, 2016Young Life Fauquier County started a program at Liberty High School as part of their effort to help marginalized area teens thrive. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness

Youth Mental Health First Aid

$30,000May 4, 2016Incentive grants for the community to participate in the Youth Mental Health First Aid certification program awarded to nonprofits, government entities, and the public school system. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health