Striving to enhance the health and vitality of our community one step at a time.

Windy Hill Foundation

Website$16,500January 1, 2017Operating funds to help Windy Hill Foundation add staff to grow and enhance best practices as they expand in Fauquier County. General Operations Access to Health

Windy Hill Foundation

Website$60,000July 1, 2016Windy Hill Foundation was awarded funding to support the construction and outfitting of five fully-accessible units at the Washburn Place affordable housing project in Marshall. Program & Planning Access to Health

Young Life

Website$9,000October 13, 2016Young Life Fauquier County started a program at Liberty High School as part of their effort to help marginalized area teens thrive. Make it Happen Childhood Wellness
Black text reads "Youth For Tomorrow." The "T" in tomorrow is a blue cross-like shape with a white silhouette of a person jumping in the center. Underneath the logo it says "Joe Gibbs, Founder"

Youth for Tomorrow

Website $23,000 July 9, 2020 Youth for Tomorrow received $23,000 to support the expansion of behavioral health services to the aging population of Fauquier County. Program and Planning Mental Health

Youth Mental Health First Aid

$30,000May 4, 2016Incentive grants for the community to participate in the Youth Mental Health First Aid certification program awarded to nonprofits, government entities, and the public school system. Strategic Initiatives Mental Health