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Creating a Community Garden with a Make it Happen Grant

Creating a Community Garden with a Make it Happen Grant

Remington United Methodist Church receives funding from Fauquier Health Foundation to make a dream reality

January 19, 2015—The Fauquier Health Foundation announced today that it has awarded a Make it Happen grant to the Remington United Methodist Church. The church will use the grant to create a community garden on a 1.5 acre property directly across the street from the church.

Initially, the garden will consist of 21 garden plots with expansion capabilities to 50 plots. The area will also be landscaped to provide a park-like location or community use. The plan is to have native trees and shrubs around sitting and picnic area with picnic tables, benches and in-ground grills. This will provide a place for residents in the community to gather.

The gardens are also planned to provide a variety of programs for the community as well as place to grow fresh food, flowers, etc. The Remington United Methodist Church will partner with the Virginia Cooperative Extension in implementing the garden and providing Master Gardener volunteers. An experienced gardener and/or Master Gardener will mentor novice gardeners.   The garden will hold educational programs that will assist with utilization of the plots, pest control, organic gardening, youth gardening, composting, companion planting, etc.

“Community gardens are so important in teaching children how to plant, grow and care for a garden as well as also teaching them how to grow food and where food comes from,” explained Christy Connolly president and CEO of Fauquier Health Foundation. “This garden embodies so much of what we promote at the Fauquier Health Foundation including healthy eating and exercise as well as community participation, camaraderie, friendship and sharing. Gardens such as this bring communities together.”

The garden will be completed by spring so that planting can begin in late spring and early summer.