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$485,000 granted in Response to COVID-19

Our latest round of support to organizations during the coronavirus pandemic.

The PATH Foundation has announced $485,000 in immediate grant funding to respond to COVID-19 in Fauquier and Rappahannock counties. This funding is in addition to the $125,000 granted on March 13 in anticipation of community needs, for a total of $610,000 to help our community cope with the wake of the pandemic.

The grants will act as flexible emergency funds for organizations with services to meet immediate needs in our community; these include childcare organizations to ensure options are available to essential workforce, food and nutrition, and access to healthcare and internet. Additional funding to the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation Emergency Response Fund increases their capacity to meet needs of other organizations impacted by this crisis.

Christy Connolly, President and CEO of the PATH Foundation said, “As a result of the public health crisis, many of our neighbors are facing new difficulties, like food insecurity. In this time of need, our emergency funds are designed to complement the work of public health officials, ease the burdens our community is facing, provide childcare to essential workers, and help strengthen the dedicated efforts of local nonprofits.  We’re grateful for the quick support of our Board of Directors on this initiative.”

Connolly added, “We realize this is likely just the beginning of support we’ll be making to nonprofits impacted by the pandemic. We’re having ongoing communication with our partners to be certain we understand how they’re impacted and how we can help.”

Beyond funding, several organizations have posted critical volunteer needs on, managed by the PATH Volunteer Hub. Needs cross the spectrum from food bank volunteering to medical care to a note writing campaign to raise spirits of those in isolation. Lynn Lauritzen, manager of the program, said, “We’ve been so appreciative of the response to the needs posted on our site.  Over 200 people have helped in just the past two weeks, and these volunteers have made an important difference in organizations’ abilities to deliver services to people in need.”

Today’s emergency funding recipients are:

  • Community Touch – $25,000
  • Fauquier Community Food Bank – $25,000
  • Fauquier FISH – $25,000
  • Rappahannock Pantry – $25,000
  • Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier County, Inc. – $40,000
  • Fauquier Community Child Care – $40,000
  • Child Care and Learning Center – $40,000
  • Fauquier Free Clinic – $25,000
  • Northern Piedmont Community Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund — $170,000. You can visit to donate to this important fund.
  • Fauquier County Government (temporary WiFi Access spots) – $70,000
    • PATH is partnering with the County to fund temporary WiFi access in the following locations:
      • Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility (WARF)
      • Warrenton Water Tower
      • Route 605 Park and Ride in Warrenton
      • Kettle Run High School in Warrenton
      • Route 28 Park and Ride in Midland
      • Warrenton Airport Terminal in Midland
      • Goldmine Park in Goldvein
      • TBD – Orlean (solution still in development)

The PATH Foundation will continue to work proactively with our partners and monitor our community’s needs. To learn more about our response to COVID-19, resources and ways to volunteer for area organizations, please visit our Coronavirus Response Page.