Six Steps of the Fundraising & Solicitation Cycle

Six Steps of the Fundraising & Solicitation Cycle

Join CNE’s Senior Manager of Learning and Impact and Certified Fundraising Executive, Elizabeth Neher, November 1st at 2:00pm for an in person session at the PATH Resource Center – located at 321 Walker Drive

Successful fundraising is built on a solid foundation of relationship-building. Stewarding those relationships through a well-thought-out annual cycle that is part of a repeatable process helps ensure there is enough engagement and support to accomplish your goals. Each step of the cycle is necessary in order to move to the next step, repeating in perpetuity to support future growth.

This highly interactive session is designed to equip new and experienced fundraisers with practical steps to ensure that “The right person asking the right prospect for the right gift for the right program at the right time and in the right way.”

Participants will walk away with a solidified understanding of:

  • Each step of the Fundraising cycle from crafting a compelling case for support to effective donor stewardship and all the steps in between.
  • Resources to identify and support the practical steps and internal infrastructure needed to operationalize fundraising strategies.

What to expect:

In this two-hour session, Elizabeth A. Neher, a Certified Fundraising Executive with CNE, will share content, examples, resources, and facilitate opportunities for participants to connect with organizations of similar size for peer-to-peer learning and perspective.

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