January: Leadership

Nurturing Leaders: How to Nurture Your ED for Success

Cindy Colson, Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Wednesday, January 22,  5:30 – 7:30 pm

Looking for a training opportunity in the new year? PATH Resource Center is excited to offer a Nurturing Leaders workshop series! The three-part series includes a workshop for board members, one for executive directors, and one for self-care.The series kicks off with a workshop for board members on How to Nurture Your ED for Success. Building and maintaining an effective partnership with the executive director is one of the board’s key responsibilities, and this session will provide tools and resources to do that important work. The session will help you as a board member better understand:

  • How to support your ED
  • Hiring an ED
    • Recruiting (what to consider given where your organization is in its lifecycle)
    • Why compensation and benefits are important
  • Creating an effective evaluation
  • Supporting training for ED to grow into leadership positions
  • Prioritizing training and pay in the budget
  • How to create a succession plan for the ED

Target Audience: All board members

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