Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership

What makes exceptional organizations exceptional?  One of the key ingredients is a constructive partnership between the board chair and the executive director. But, just like any relationship, building and maintaining the board chair–executive director partnership calls for hard work by both parties. Understanding the basic tenets of the relationship can make a big difference in enabling a strong board chair–executive director partnership.

This workshop will cover:

  • Key elements of shared leadership
  • How to establish and maintain effective communication
  • Facing and navigating challenges
  • Understanding the difference between Governance and Operations

This workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22nd, from 9-11 A. M. and will be delivered online.

We encourage participation from both the board chair and the executive director of your organization.

American Sign Language interpreters or other communication access accommodations are available upon request. Please submit any accommodations requests to Andrew Robinson, Program Manager, 434-951-9042 or

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